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Backwash filter
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Backwash filter

Backwash filter is mainly composed of high quality carbon steel cylinder, stainless steel wedge filter, butterfly valve and sewage device. When the filter is working, the butterfly valve is in the open state. The water flow enters the filter from the inlet and is filtered through the filter screen to the outlet. The dirt and impurities in the water are intercepted by the filter screen. When the strainer needs to drain, close the butterfly valve. Open the blowdown valve, the water is filtered through the first half of the filtration, part of the water flow directly into the system, the other part of the water flow from the outside of the filter into the inside, discharged through the sewage outlet. Play a reverse automatic washing screen and remove the role of dirt impurities. The whole recoil blowdown process does not need to shut down the system, which realizes the on-line blowdown.
product description

Works: under normal working state of backwash filter belong to "internal pressure type", through the pressure of tap water by screen wall penetration to the outer wall, sediment, rust and other impurity particles trapped in the tube, open the flush valve intercept impurities were washed away by mesh, if you meet the water quality is poorer, consumers for a long time don't wash, blocked the also don't have to worry about. Through the backwash switch to make the piston run to the bottom, change the direction of the water flow into "external pressure" embedded in the surface of the filter element can not be flushed off the impurities, by the reverse running water washed away.

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