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PP filter bag

PP filter bag for engineering precision of deep three-dimensional filter material, the main material of polypropylene: acid and alkali resistance, temperature 90℃, non-woven fiber, the depth of the filter range of 0.5-300um. Our company adopts advanced hot melt combination technology, to ensure that the PP filter bag has the best joint strength, prevent leakage, applying the extended to high field to filtration precision and efficiency requirement, our company's sewing filter bag sewing is very rigorous, solid and durable, the sealing effect of the sewing combination play to the best, pure car suture does not contain silicone oil lubricant, such as composition, Avoid the secondary pollution existing in ordinary sewing.
product description

Working principle of the filter bag: micron-level liquid filter bag is made of domestic high-quality or imported filter material, which can effectively remove the solid substances in the liquid that need to be removed; When the liquid passes through the micron level filter bag, the impurities contained are accurately captured in the deep layer of the filter bag to complete the filtration process.


Scope of application: petrochemical, automobile manufacturing, paints and adhesives, food and beverage, PCD circuit board and printing and dyeing pigments, pharmaceutical and metal cutting processing and other industries

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