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PE filter bag

PE filter bag is used for engineering precision of deep three-dimensional filter material, the main material is polyester: acid resistance, temperature 150℃, non-woven fiber, the depth of the filter range of 0.5-300um. It is characterized by loose fibrous tissue, which increases the capacity of impurities. The product is a compound closure mode, effectively remove solid and soft particles, that is, large particles of impurities are trapped on the surface of the fiber, and fine particles are captured in the deep layer of the filter material, to ensure that the use process will not be damaged due to the increase of pressure, with high filtration efficiency; The surface singeing treatment not only ensures that there is no filtrate pollution caused by fiber separation, but also avoids the excessive blockage of filter holes caused by traditional roller treatment and shorts the service life of filter bags. At the same time, the pressure difference is small and the flow rate is not affected.
product description

产品特点:表面经特殊烧毛处理,能有效防止纤维脱落污染滤液,蓬   松均匀的三维过滤层对固体及胶体颗粒有极高的捕捉能力。



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