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PP filter bag

Filtering material to form three-dimensional, height of volume 3 d depth, twists and turns of the filter layer, its characteristic is loose fibrous tissue, high rate increased the capacity of impurity loads, this kind of fiber material is belong to compound intercepting mode, effectively remove solid and soft particles, the larger particles impurities trapped in the fiber surface, and tiny particles are trapped in deep in the filter material, In addition, the high temperature surface heat treatment, namely the application of instant sintering technology/calendering treatment, can effectively prevent the fiber from being damaged by the high-speed impact of liquid during filtration, so as to ensure that there is no filtrate pollution caused by fiber separation. And avoid the traditional roller treatment caused by excessive blockage of the filter hole and shorten the life of the filter bag, at the same time, the pressure difference is small and does not affect the flow rate.
product description

Mainly used in petrochemical industry, paint, biomedicine, automobile manufacturing, food and beverage, industrial dust removal and other fields.

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