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PTFE fold needled felt
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PTFE fold needled felt

PTFE that is, polytetrafluonethylene, also known as Teflon (Teflon), PTFE fold needle felt is a filter material made of PTFE through three-dimensional acupuncture and its fold is greatly increased the filtration area. At 240℃ continuous operating temperature, instantaneous 260℃ temperature conditions, resistance to all PH range of acid and alkali erosion. Polytetrafluoroethylene synthetic fiber filter bag has excellent self-wetting, no moisture absorption and can withstand ultraviolet radiation. PTFE fiber is a macromolecular linear structure, so it has a strong temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical stability, widely used in steel, power, garbage incineration and other bad flue gas filtration environment.
product description



1. Continuous operating temperature above 250 degrees, instantaneous temperature 280 degrees.


2. It is not afraid of acid, base and oxidation, and is almost non-flammable.


3. The only fiber that doesn't age.


4. Meet the worst working conditions, with a very long service life, usually more than 4 years of service life.


PTFE needled felt filter material is mainly used in chemical industry, waste incineration, high temperature resistant liquid filtration, etc., to maintain good chemical stability under various complex working conditions.

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