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Filter cloth

Press cloth refers to the liquid - solid separation filter cloth. The main products include belt type, plate frame, box type, centrifugal filter cloth. Polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, vinylon, non-woven filter felt series, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, smelting, mineral processing, carbon black, dye, pharmaceutical, food and other industries in the liquid solid separation, filtration accuracy in 0.25-150um. How to operate and apply the filter cloth of industrial filter press: 1. When installing the press cloth, ensure that the press cloth on the plate frame is smooth and fixed, so as to avoid damage to the press cloth when the plate frame is pressed due to the press cloth being broken. 2. The press cake should not adhere to the press cloth for too long, which will cause the deformation and sagging of the press cloth. 3. When unloading the filter cake, the filter cake should be shoveling along the direction of the press cloth. 4. Industrial press cloth used in food, pharmaceutical and other industries should be identified by the relevant health departments to achieve no side effects on human health. 5, food, pharmaceutical industry before the use of warm water to wash, so as not to cloth dirt into. 6, cutting, with electric iron blanching for the best (with 1500W electric iron), can prevent the warp and weft lines loose. Thread of the same properties must be used for sewing. 7, filter cloth after use, if has holes blocked dross, make body stiff affect filtration velocity, can be selected according to various kinds of fiber performance of acetone, oxalic acid, toluene, caustic soda, alcohol solution, such as soaking, qing (impact), concentration (as the case may be) can make cloth body soft, restore the hydrophobic property and air permeability of the filter cloth, improve the utilization of industrial filter cloth filter press home business scope: Filter press, filter press accessories (accessories including: filter plate, filter cloth, water nozzle, cloth clip, handle, pull plate trolley, chain, sprocket, etc.), mining machinery and equipment, metal hose, high and low pressure hose, epoxy resin coating anticorrosive composite steel pipe, polyethylene pipe sales.
product description

Filter press filtration and selection:


Polyester filter cloth: strong acid resistance/alkali resistance weak alkali/wear resistance/heat resistance 170 °C;


Nylon filter cloth: poor acid resistance/good alkali resistance/strong wear resistance/heat resistance to 130 °C


Polypropylene filter cloth: good acid resistance/alkali resistance/good wear resistance/heat resistance to 90 °C


Pva filter cloth: poor acid resistance/strong alkali resistance/good wear resistance/heat resistance to 100 °C


Applicable to: chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, printing and dyeing, ceramics, food, pharmaceutical, biology, building materials, environmental protection water treatment, coal washing, metal tailings, non-metallic mining and other industries widely used.


Specifications: multiple, support customization


Weave: plain, twill, satin


Filtration accuracy: suitable filtration accuracy can be selected according to the working conditions of materials (high density up to 1 micron)


Performance: high temperature resistance, alkali resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, good air permeability, good ventilation of the whole equipment.

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