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Big fat folding filter element
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Big fat folding filter element

Large flow liquid filter series, the application range is very wide, can be used in seawater desalination pretreatment filter, large RO system security filter, power plant condensate water filter, waste water before and after filtration system, municipal, UF cleaning/backwash filtration, waste water filtration, medium and low viscosity chemical liquid filtration. Oil field water injection, sugar liquid, juice, soft feed, edible oil, milk, paint, coating, petrochemical industry, micro electricity, film, fiber, resin, and other filtration occasions requiring large flow and high flux. Optional filter material: glass fiber, polypropylene film, etc.
product description

Specifications: 222 type 226 type M30 M36  


Large flow filter element parts material:  


Filter material: glass fiber, polypropylene (PP)  


Support/guide layer: polypropylene  


End cover material: glass fiber reinforced polypropylene  


Sealing ring material: ethylene propylene rubber, teflon coated fluorine rubber  


Performance of large flow filter element:  


Filter accuracy: 1μm, 3μm, 5μm, 10μm, 20μm, 50μm, 70μm  


High operating temperature: 80℃;  


High pressure drop: 3.4Bar at 80℃  


Recommended pressure drop for filter element replacement: 2.4Bar, 20℃  


Recommended high filtration rate: 1300 l/min  


Advantages of large flow filter element:  


1. Large flow means the use of fewer filter elements, reduce labor and operation costs;  


2. Large flow means the use of smaller size filter housing, reduce investment costs, save footprint;  


3. The replacement of filter element is more rapid, simple and safe;  


4. O-ring ensures the reliability of the filter;  


5. Hot melt bonded polypropylene material can prevent particle release and unloading, which is different from ordinary wire wound filter;  


6. Folding surface design makes the pressure drop of high flow filter is lower than other filter elements, and the service life is longer;  


7. Allow high flow of media through the filter material, with the advantages of high efficiency, low pressure loss and long life;  


8. The in-and-out structure of the filter element makes it easy to replace the filter element, while keeping the pollutants trapped inside the filter element;  


9. The β value of filter element reaches 3000.  


10. Multiple filter elements can be installed in the filter case, which can be used in a wide range of flow, whether it is started or continuous operation;  


11. The filter element is durable, and the filter can be configured less and economically.  

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