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Stainless steel mesh filter bag
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Stainless steel mesh filter bag

Stainless steel mesh filter bag, refers to the use of stainless steel wire or plate and other stainless steel materials, production and processing of the regular arrangement of the net class cut the corresponding size, made of bags. The materials commonly used for liquid filtration are 304 material and 316L material. The main difference between the two is that the content of chromium and nickel is different. The stainless steel filter bag is used with the stainless steel ring. Multilayer folding expansion is the arrangement of different density and aperture from coarse to fine, so that the flow direction can be changed many times when the object passes through to increase its efficiency. Stainless steel filter bag is using the filtration principle, will be greater than its own mesh particle intercept isolation, the deformation monofilament line according to the particular style of woven mesh, its characteristic is high strength, not deformation due to the change in pressure, monofilament textile constitutes a smooth surface, easy to clean, can use repeatedly and heat resistance, acid, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long life cycle. At the same time, it is suitable for some liquid filtration with high impurity content, so as to reduce the filtration cost.
product description

Application field:


1, food and beverage, beer, wine, fruit wine, rice wine, fruit juice, drinks, dairy products, edible oil, spices and other material liquid precision (sterilization) filtration.


2, biological engineering and medicine: transfusion, pharmaceutical water, biological products plasma, serum, all kinds of pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials, solvent filtration, CIP filtration, fermenter, yeast culture tank intake ventilation and other air sterilization filtration.


3, paint and ink: emulsion paint, paint raw materials and solvent filtration, printing ink, printing ink filtration.


4, other industries: fine chemical, petrochemical, electronics, textile, printing and dyeing, paper and other industries of all kinds of liquid purification and filtration


Material: stainless steel ring: stainless steel, galvanized accuracy :60~500 mesh


1#(φ180*420mm) 2#(φ180*810mm)


3#(φ105*230mm) 4#(φ105*380mm) and other non-standard sizes

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