Multistage filter


Product Description

Multistage filter

The multistage filter is divided into movable multistage filter and fixed multistage filter according to whether it is mobile or not, and divided into duplex filter and three-stage filter according to the filtering effect. 
Duplex filter is made of two stainless steel filters in parallel, can be 24 hours non-stop filtering or filtering two type of liquid at the same time. When one filter housing is filtering, the other filter housing is closed, and turn switch at any time. It has the advantages of novel structure, good sealing, strong liquidity, simple operation, long time non-stop operation, wide application and so on.
Mobile multipurpose filtration equipment can be independent conveying and filtering; it is choosing imported brand pneumatic diaphragm pump, firm and durable; Unique backflow transmission protection device design; can be designed filter system according to customer’s own pump equipped with mobile multistage filtration equipment; According to customer filtering requirements and filter material characteristics to design and match the multistage filtration equipment.


Product name

               duplex filter

Mobile multipurpose filtration equipment


Filter system can be switched at any time, long time non-stop filtering, strong flow capacity

Independent conveying, filtering equipment, according to customer requirements or filter material characteristics customized

Movable or not

No, it is fixed


 flow way

Side in bottom out / top in bottom out

Side in bottom out

Optional accessories

        Pressure gauge/gear pump/pneumatic diaphragm pump/pipeline pump/filter bag/filter cartridge /trolley

Filter class


1 stage/2 stage/3 stage ( can get NAS 5 level)

Shell material

SUS 304 /SUS 316 / SUS 316 L

Working temperature



Working pressure(Mpa)



Inlet and outlet  

DN32 / DN40  Flange or external thread

DN25 / DN40 / DN50 / DN65 / DN80  Flange or external thread

Surface treatment

Mirror finish inside surface, mirror finish or matte finish outside surface

Cylinder connection

Ring bolt

filtering type

Single bag filtration

cartridge filter, single bag filter, multi - bag filter combination

Filter Precision


0.1-50 micron



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Guangdong ZhiLv Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of 10 years industrial filtration.Focus on dust and liquid filtration technology. Our company is located in Foshan, Guangdong province which is near Guangzhou city.And it is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, sales and service. We have got ISO9001 certificate and all of our products are well received various markets around the world.

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10 Years Of Professional Production Of Industrial Filtration Experience

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