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How to choose a cost-effective boiler bag filter

How to choose a cost-effective boiler bag filter

The choice of the dust bag of the boiler bag dust collector, the filter bag used in the general bag filter, the manufacturing materials will be selected according to the temperature and pH requirements of the working conditions, such as polyester filter material, polytetrafluoroethylene. Vinyl film filter material, glass fiber film filter material, etc., the use of various materials filter material is also different, because its production process and process are different, because if there is any problem with the bag filter, the effect will be Presented on the dust bag.
In general, the filter bag of the boiler should be selected with a high temperature resistant filter bag, such as PPS polyphenylene sulfide needle felt dust filter bag, which has a continuous running temperature of 160 ° C and an instantaneous running temperature of 190 ° C; Polyamide needle felt dust filter bag, its continuous operating temperature is 204 ° C, instantaneous operating temperature can reach 240 ° C; glass fiber composite needle felt dust filter bag, according to the composite material, its continuous operating temperature is 200 ° C, Instantaneous operating temperature up to 280 ° C and so on. Secondly, it is also necessary to consider whether the temperature rise caused by the precipitator system is within the capacity of the filter bag.