Filtration equipment industry in the market should vigorously strengthen the performance indicators to enhance competitiveness



Filtration equipment is one of the important categories in the field of pharmaceutical water machinery. In recent years, with the development of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry requirements continue to strengthen, the application of filtration equipment is becoming more and more widespread.

As the quality of pharmaceutical water largely affects the quality of drugs, and filtration equipment is an important equipment for water treatment, which can efficiently remove suspended matter, colloid, sediment, clay, humus, particulate matter and other impurities in the water, reduce the turbidity of the water, to achieve the purpose of water clarification, therefore, filtration equipment occupies an important position in the pharmaceutical field.

For filtration equipment, the filtration effect is undoubtedly the most important performance index, and is also the core competitiveness of the equipment. With the continuous development of new industries, the technical level of filtration equipment has been continuously improved. Among the filtration equipment, the filter can flourish and be widely used by various industries, its biggest superiority lies in positive pressure and high pressure dewatering, which is much larger than the pressure difference of traditional vacuum filter, thus low water content of filter cake, less energy consumption, less metal loss and clear and transparent filtrate.

Although the domestic industry is developing fast and has basically formed a market system, but the domestic equipment to meet the market rate is not high, and the difference between the efficiency of equipment and foreign advanced level is large. Also need to pay attention to the strengthening of the filtration process and auxiliary measures, which makes greatly enhance the filtration effect of filtration equipment.

The whole industry of filtration equipment is facing a new round of development of the golden period, in the process of rapid development, there is bound to be superiority and inferiority, the industry must recognize its own shortcomings, accelerate the pace of catching up with foreign countries, and constantly strengthen the market competitiveness of domestic filtration equipment.