The current state of application of filtration equipment in the food industry



With the rapid development of China's food industry, the application of filtration equipment in the food industry is also constantly updated and innovative, the advantages and disadvantages of filtration equipment on the quality of all processed foods and other aspects have a great impact, for example, in the beverage juice processing industry, the use of filtration equipment and filtration media good mechanical equipment, you can separate the small molecules of material and large molecules of material, so that the filtered juice retains the inherent flavor and Improved certain bad flavor. Filtration operation is an important part of food processing, food separation technology is the basis of the food industry, can improve the comprehensive use of food materials, maintain and improve the flavor of food nutrition. To separate the food requires the use of a number of mechanical equipment, the types of these devices and their respective characteristics, application environment, the current situation and other basic knowledge of familiarity, in the process of food filtration processing operations will be of great significance.