Specific types of applications for filtration equipment in the food industry



The main applications of the filter in the food industry are as follows:

a. Separation of general solid-liquid systems: For example, the separation of sugar juice and sugar slag in sugar production is done by vacuum drum filter or plate and frame filter press. Plate and frame filter presses are used in breweries to filter malt and recover yeast after fermentation, etc.

b. Used as clarification equipment: Ceramic tube filters and streamline filters have been widely used to clarify liquid foods such as beer, wine, vinegar, juice, yeast leachate and oil, brine, and syrup to remove very fine particles or solids in the form of gel or mud.

c. Removal of microorganisms: The tube filter is commonly used for the filtration of wine, beer, juice and yeast leachate to reduce the number of microorganisms, so it can be used instead of or in addition to heat treatment operations aimed at reducing the number of microorganisms.