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If the pulse bag filter is smoked when used, how to deal with it?

If the pulse bag filter is smoked when used, how to deal with it?

There are always many problems in the operation of the pulse bag filter. In the event of a malfunction of the precipitator, our operators will not be overwhelmed when the fault occurs. Let us know that the pulse bag filter is always easy. The failure that occurs is “ashing up”. What do we need to do in the event of this failure?
When our operators saw the ash in the pulse bag dust removal equipment, the first thing we had to do was to stop the operation of the dust collector and turn off the dust collector. Then we are inspecting the cause of the dust in the dust collector. Generally, the dust collector is ashed into instant “ashing” and continuing “ashing”. The continuous ash is generally caused by the serious damage of the dust bag or the tying of the dust bag. The other reason is that the dust is caused by the tight connection between the upper sling of the pulse bag filter and the flower board, the flower board and the flower board. Instant “ashing” is the ash that occurs in the dust collector filter bag when the damage is not serious.
When the pulse bag filter appears to be “ashing”, how do we check which filter bags are damaged? It can be judged according to the number of bits corresponding to the electromagnetic pulse valve and the pulse controller when the vent is ash. If the dust cloth bag is damaged, you can also use the flashlight to see which dust bag is leaking from the upper box. If the dust collector filter bag is damaged, it needs to be replaced. To replace most of the dust bag when the dust collector stops working, turn off the cleaning controller when opening the bag, and open the manhole door at the top. Then take out the skeleton and then squeeze the spring ring on the top of the bag into a concave shape, pull out the dust bag, and finally clean the dust on the plate hole to install a new dust bag. If it is only an instant "ashing" we can use the same method above to find the damaged filter bag, the filter bag is not damaged, we can repair the filter bag.